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Reblog: From Survive to Thrive Guide

Reblog of a previous post.   Why did I take on the project of creating a Guide for recovering from an eating disorder? And why did I want it written by those with lived experience? Because I know from personal experience that there are some pieces to an eating disorder that cannot be explained. There … Read More

You Are Beautiful

Guest blog by KB   You probably don’t hear this enough. Not nearly enough to encompass how incredibly true it is: you are beautiful. Gorgeously, uniquely, and undeniably beautiful. Not because of a number on a scale or a pant size. But because of the way your smile lights up a room and the way … Read More

The House that Love Built

Originally posted from The Looking Glass Foundation Blog. Re-posted with permission. The House that Love Built By Stacey Huget While it marked its “official” opening, the June 2nd Open House at Looking Glass Residence was also the celebration of a fourteen-year legacy of love, vision, and tenacity. The legacy began in 2001. Community-based programs for … Read More

The Effect of Poor Body Image on Relationships

About 5 years ago my body image was in the gutter. I was also in a relationship with a wonderful man, who cared about me like the Earth cares about the Sun. He loved me, just the way I was, but there was a problem with that: I didn’t love me just the way I … Read More

Eating Disorders Abroad

One of my friends suggested that my university exchange was an opportunity to temporarily re-write my identity. I could go to Barcelona for six months as whoever I wanted to be. Nobody was going to do background checks; exchange was an absolutely fresh start. Maybe I could give myself a mysterious background such as a … Read More



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