Family Services and Jessie’s Legacy Celebrate #PRIDE2017 !


Family Services of the North Shore and Jessie’s Legacy Eating Disorders Prevention & Awareness Program will be celebrating the 39th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade on Sunday, August 6th, 2017. We will have a booth at the Sunset Beach Festival to promote our unique theme of #BODYPRIDE



Every year around Pride there is extra pressure among the LGBTQ+ community to work on their ‘pride bodies.’ This message is similar to advertisements that pressure people to get ‘beach body ready.’  Comparing our bodies to unrealistic media images of thin and lean models can take an emotional toll by making us feel like we don’t measure up. For some people, this can result in unhealthy dieting and weight control behaviors in an attempt to change their bodies. This is important to consider because we know chronic dieting and weight control behaviours are known risk factors for the development of eating disorders.


#BODYPRIDE is NOT about weight!

You DO NOT need to change your body in order to feel more confident about yourself or to improve your self-image. Your weight is not a measure of your self-worth. And why should it be? Your self-worth is your view of yourself as a whole person— your personality, your kindness, your talents, the contributions you make with your family, friends, community, and so on.  Your weight is just, weight. Don’t give it any more importance than that!


What will you find at our booth?

  • We’ll have our sought-after Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves wristbands, in SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION rainbow and Trans flag colors !  
  • We’ll be promoting our theme of #BODYPRIDE to redirect the current messaging that encourages the striving for a ‘pride body’.
  • You’ll be able to learn about the services and resources we offer, including our free Family Services of the North Shore Gender Diversity Support Groups that are available for both parents and youth! 


What are you to remember?

Recognize that most aspects of your body cannot be changed.  All bodies are wired to be a certain size and shape. Regardless of efforts to change it, your body will fight to maintain the shape it was born to be.  What you can change, however, is your beliefs and attitudes towards the way you think and feel about your body.  Change starts with you, let’s stop working on this unobtainable ‘pride body,’ and start working on our #BODYPRIDE!


Come visit our booth at Sunset Beach to get your Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves wristbands
and tell us how you plan to celebrate your

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