Guest Post: The insightful Tracy Silver!

I have been thinking a lot about gardening lately, and have actually started a
garden on the side of my building.

I began growing pumpkins, tomatoes, corn and a
variety of other veggies. I am amazed at the entire process: dirt that was
just there, dug into with newly bought shovels and freshly painted fingernails. Seeds from past plants scattered in neat little rows, marked with chopsticks (I
knew those would come in handy one day!).
Little bit of water, little bit of
sunshine, and patience…  

Suddenly I see green leaves emerging from the rocks and dirt, fighting their way through the layers of soil with purpose and intent. The plants understand intrinsically what to do: wait for the sun to shine on them, the rain to quench their thirst, and the earth
to nourish them.  

I think of myself in relation to the seed. I myself was a seed
once, relying on the nourishment of my mother to help me grow and develop. I
needed nothing more than the universe, my body, and my mother, all in perfect harmony. This is still part of me, that harmony, that intrinsic knowledge of what is
good for me and what my body needs. I feel it when I stretch, when I close my eyes and
face the sun, when I drink water, eat a piece of fruit, or hug a friend. I have moments
of amazing peace, amazed by the process of life. The beauty of simple things
that brings me to tears, feelings of love so deep and pure that I lose my
breath, filled with hope and possibility. In those moments, I am the seed. Headed towards the light, bursting forth from the darkness full of life.  

days are more challenging than others, more rain that sun, more wind that batters my tender leaves, leaving me vulnerable towards predators. But there is always growth, perseverance against all odds and above all, life. The simple beauty of life
lived with purpose, truth and the fundamental oneness with the universe…

Written by the wonderful and very poetic Tracy Silver.   

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