Get involved

Are you a passionate, eager individual who wants to help others improve body image, reduce stigma of eating disorders, and spread awareness?  Then our love our bodies, love ourselves movement is right for you.

Our mission is to provide an eating disorder prevention approach and resiliency based system of services, workshops, education, and support to people of all ages in the Province of B.C.

The primary purpose of the love our bodies, love ourselves movement is to provide leadership to a wide collective effort of volunteers, eating disorder professionals, nutritionists, health care providers, counsellors, educators, social workers and individuals committed to raising awareness around the prevention, early intervention and treatment of eating disorders.  This includes awareness of risk and protective factors such as resiliency, self-esteem, media literacy and body image, all of which can be associated with disordered eating.


Time commitment:
•  Approximately 1-2 hours per week

Time and day of volunteer Engagement:
•  Of own time

Work Location:
•  Your home and/or work station

Skills & Experience:
•  Work well with a team
•  Energetic and excited about creating positive change
•  Good time management and planning skills
•  Suitable personal qualities, empathy, understanding
•  Excellent leadership skills
•  Knowledge of eating disorders
•  Event hosting experience preferable
•  Commitment to the vision of PEDAW
•  Familiar with social media

Opportunities: we are always looking for…
•  Graphic designers
•  Guest bloggers
•  Event, contest, activity or campaign promoters
•  Social media postings
•  …and much more!



1.  Become a love our bodies, love ourselves advocate.
We always need help getting the word out about the love our bodies, love ourselves movement!  You can participate and join in by sharing our posts, images, videos, etc. through social media and using our hashtags:  #eatingdisordersawareness and #purpleforpedaw

2.  Become a guest blogger.
For more information, see our guest blogger guidelines page.

3.  Host your own community event.
We have a number of ideas for you to try out in your own community to help bring awareness. Email us with your ideas and we’ll support you by sharing your event and supplying you with resources!

4.  Support Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness Week (PEDAW), every year from February 1-7. 
There are many ways to support PEDAW!  Host your own event, wear purple, and view venues lit up purple.  Share it all on social media using the hashtags, #eatingdisordersawareness or #purpleforpedaw, or if you are a venue who has the capacity to light up purple, fill out our form here

For more information and a full list of this year’s PEDAW events and resources, visit our PEDAW page.

5.  Join the PEDAW Committee.
Organize activities to demonstrate your support and commitment.  Members are expected to attend monthly teleconference meetings and will be asked to identify and orient an alternate if they are unavailable.


*For more information, please contact: pedaw[at]