PEDAW Campaign Idea: Clothing Drive!

PEDAW Clothing Drive!

  • Collect used clothing by
    encouraging participants to donate items that may be in their closet but
    no longer fit thus having opportunity to provoke discouraging thoughts,
    unhealthy behaviors or unrealistic goals in order to fit into them again.
  • For a good cause!
  • Increase individual
    confidence by allowing them to get rid of any clothes in their closet that
    don’t fit and result in discouraging thoughts about their body.
Supplies Needed: 
  • Event flyers
  • Cardboard boxes for
    donation collection
  • Poster boards
    explaining the importance of ridding of clothes
  • PEDAW wristbands to give out (available upon request!)
  • Anything else you can
    think of!
Event Preparation: 
  • Educate the group on
    the PEDAW campaign including objectives and goals for events. Advertise
    event at least twice per week prior to collection day using posters,
    advertisements and other resources most effective for the target
  • Reserve a space or
    location centralized to the target audience
  •  Set up tables and boxes for donation
  • Prepare  handouts, posters and/or other ways to
    engage participants at the drop off location
Encourage donation of the following: 
  • Clothing that may be
    too small but one hopes to fit into again
  • Clothing that may be
    too big that one worries may one day fit again
  • Clothing that just
    don’t fit
Main Points:
  • Keeping clothes in our
    closets that are too small in hopes that one day they will fit or are too
    large because of worry that one day they will fit again is damaging to
    one’s self-esteem, confidence and overall body image.
  • Get rid of the clothes
    that don’t fit and work to be comfortable with your body by making healthy
    choices and focusing on all of the great things about you that are not
    related to the size of the clothes you wear.
  • Being content with the
    idea that in order to make room for new things, one must be OK with
    getting rid of the old things.
  • Explain PEDAW, the
    wristbands, and what it’s all about.
  • Be creative with how
    you want to implement this!
  • Take pictures of event
    and send to Amy to post on up on PEDAW blog!

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