PEDAW Campaign Idea: Scales are for Fishes!

Scales Are for Fishes!

  • To help participants identify the positive
    things about their physical appearance and the aspects of themselves that
    they like most.
  • To assist in realizing that a person is more
    than size and shape and that healthy is not necessarily dictated by a
    number on a scale.
  • To allow creative expression in order to
    showcase the campaign messaging.
Supplies Needed: 
  • Scales for participants to decorate
    (participants can bring their own scale too)
  • Space to decorate
  • Crafts, glue, paint, etc. to decorate the
  • Space to display entries (likely Children’s
  • Prize for winners (‘Perfect is Boring!’
  • Any event-related handouts or giveaways
    explaining how scales can be negative 
  • Wristbands to give out
  • Anything else you can think of!
Set Up and Implementation: 
  • Work with participants prior to the event to
    educate them on the campaign.
  • Assign them with guidelines.
  • Take pictures of the entries and display them
    on the website for people to vote
  • Encourage viewers to vote for their favorite
    and award the winning submission.
  • Explain PEDAW, the wristbands, and what it’s
    all about.
  • Be creative with how you want to implement
  • Take pictures of event and send to Amy to post
    on up on PEDAW blog!

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