Phases of Eating Disorder Recovery

Ten Phases of Eating Disorder Recovery

1. I Don’t Think I Have a Problem.

It’s my body so leave me alone.
There are people who are a lot thinner (worse) than I am
2. I Might Have a Problem But It’s Not That Bad.
I only throw up once in a while.
My physical didn’t show anything wrong so I am OK.
3. I Have a Problem But I Don’t Care.
I know throwing up isn’t good for me, but it’s working for me so I don’t care.
I could change if I wanted to, but I don’t.
4. I Want To Change But I Don’t Know How and I’m Scared.
I want to eat normally, but I am afraid I will get fat (gain weight).
I want to stop bingeing, but I can’t figure out where to start.
5. I Tried To Change But I Couldn’t.
I told myself that I would not (fill in the blank) but I found myself doing it again.
I don’t feel like I can really ever (change) get well, so why keep trying?
6. I Can Stop Some of the Behaviors But Not All of Them.
I could stop purging, but I will not be able to eat more.
My eating has gotten better, but my exercise is out of control.
7. I Can Stop the Behaviors, But Not My Thoughts.
I can’t stop thinking about food and bingeing all the time.
I keep counting calories over and over in my head and still want to lose weight.
8. I Am Often Free From Behaviors and Thoughts, But Not All the Time.
I feel fine all day, but under stress I revert back to my unhealthy behaviors.
I was fine, but wearing a bathing suit triggered my eating disorder thoughts, and with it some related behaviors.
9. I Am Free From Behaviors and Thoughts.
I feel mostly OK in my body and am able to eat things I want and not feel guilty or anxious afterwards.
Once I had stopped the behaviors for a period of time, at some point I realized that I was no longer having the thoughts or urges.
10. I Am Recovered.
For a long time now, I no longer have thoughts, feelings, or behaviors related to my eating disorder.
I accept my body’s natural size. My eating disorder is a thing of the past.
~Kelsi Conkright

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