Q&A with Amy!

Q:     Why am I having a hard time giving up my

A:  I know exactly how you feel.  I remember when I would weigh myself first
thing in the morning, last thing at night, and if I had the time, throughout
the day.

I find that
looking to the scale for reassurance is a hallmark of eating disorder behavior.
 For many, stepping on the scale is the
compulsive response to anxious questions such as, “Who am I?  How should I feel about myself today?  What did I do to myself yesterday?  Was I good or bad?  Am I being punished?  Who will I be today?”

It took me many
years to realize that the scale never did and never will answer any of those
questions.  Goodness and badness are not determined by the number on a
scale or the size of one’s jeans.  It
also isn’t dependent on the quality or quantity of food you consume from one
day to the next.  Feeling good about
one’s self comes from being positively engaged in life – having meaningful
relationships, work, and creative pursuits, and by being open to new
experiences.  Can these things really be
measured on a scale?

You are much more
than a number of pounds.  Lose the
scale.  Find your true self.

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