Q&A with Amy!

Q: With summer coming, I find myself
comparing my body to others.  It felt like I was doing better until this until skimpy clothing season arrived.  How can I get myself to stop this comparing habit?

Comparing is a difficult habit to break
because it’s natural to observe others when they come into our
environment.  What is most important is
tackling those automatic negative thoughts you have about yourself when you go
out.  First, know that you are part of a
beautiful vast and diverse world that is yours to appreciate.  Notice how each and every one has a unique
face and figure.  And isn’t it possible
that while you are wishing you could look like that person, there’s a person
over here who is wishing she could look like you?  Also, keep in mind that although someone may
appear, on the surface, to be quite beautiful and to have it all together, you
can’t assume that the person whose body you admire is any happier or more
successful than you. You don’t know how hard she works at that appearance or
what unhealthy behaviours she may be struggling with as well.  
Now, picture yourself at 80. What will you
look like then?  How will your body
feel?  What would your 80-year-old self
want you to feel at this moment in time? 
I’m sure it would want you to enjoy your youth: the strength and
flexibility that allows you to dance and play sports with energy and
exuberance.  Similar to the expression,
“you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone”? 
It’s true!  Now is the time for
you to make the most of who you are in the body you have.  
While you
are comparing yourself to everyone else, your life is happening; be here now
and make the most of it!  

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