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Why did I take on the project of creating a Guide for recovering from an eating disorder? And why did I want it written by those with lived experience? Because I know from personal experience that there are some pieces to an eating disorder that cannot be explained. There is an overwhelming sense of comfort and ease knowing that someone else out there has gone through the same struggle.

With over 200 responses from people who have struggled with body image and eating issues themselves, this Guide provides an abundance of insight and advice to those who are currently struggling with an eating disorder. In a sense, this Guide remembers what it was like to think that everything depends on weight and appearance. This Guide remembers what it was like to feel you could never be smart, attractive, or interesting enough. This Guide remembers what it was like to watch your friends and family feel completely powerless in how to help.

But more importantly, this Guide knows what it’s like to recover.

It can help you find a will to change, help build up a strong sense of self with a new, healthy way of coping that does not involve an eating disorder. By reading this, I want readers to feel empowered, confident, and understood.

You are not alone.


Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find inside the Guide!
Available for FREE online here:
***Also available in ebook format on iTunes and Indigo books!***

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