Reflection on my PEDAW Clothing Drive, by Julie Sweeney

My experience with the PEDAW clothing drive was fantastic. Even while
shlepping bag after bag after bag into the building where the charity was, I
felt joy. Running around collecting bags and bags of clothing from various
VIBES FITNESS locations and then taking them to WEAR 2 START was the highlight
of my week – a couple of times. There was so much donated that I had to make 3
trips! People were generous and willing to participate. The wonderful owners
at each VIBES FITNESS location took in the clothes from their members, but they
also wanted education on what PEDAW is and about the charity I chose to make the
donation to. I was encouraged by both their willingness to help with the
clothing drive and their desire to learn more about both PEDAW and WEAR 2

I felt led to get the word out and to have a clothing drive
because so many people keep clothing “just in case”. Just in case they lose
weight and finally reach their elusive “goal weight,” or clothes that are too big for fear motivation.
Having a closet or drawer full of clothing that doesn’t fit just serves as a
reminder that you are not worthy. You are not worthy dressing your
body as is, right in this very moment. Clothing that serves no purpose other than to frustrate
you has to go to a better home. 
This clothing drive also had a personal meaning to me. I spent many years prior to my own recovery with the desire for a leather jacket. I would tell myself when I hit a certain size that I would allow myself to buy a cute black leather jacket. This went on for many years. Now that I’m secure in my body and who I am, yet no different in size than all those years I waited, I have a RED leather jacket and 2 fabulous pleather jackets which I love just as much! 
There is no more waiting for the “perfect” size or weight. You deserve to be comfortable and feel your best every day – not a certain number of pounds from now.  There is only today. Today is what matters, and you are beautiful. 
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