How do I know whether my idea of healthy eating is in fact healthy?

While being aware of what you’re putting into your body is a good way to maintain health, your habits and attitude around eating and food should give you some insight into whether your healthy eating is truly healthy. If you find that your diet or idea of healthy eating is often interfering with your ability to go about your day as you normally would, it can be a red flag that it may not be sustainable, realistic, or healthy for you. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Are you restricting entire food groups (ex. Omitting carbohydrates and/or fats from your diet)?
  • Do you label certain foods and food groups as “good” and safe to eat while others are “bad”?
  • Are there strict food rules that you feel you must follow?
  • Does your diet impact your social life (ex. Eating out at restaurants and during social gatherings)?
  • Does my diet affect my daily life in an intrusive way by consuming a lot of my time, thoughts, and/or energy?

If you would like to assess your attitude around your eating habits, our anonymous eating attitudes screener can give you more insight.