When should I be worried?

If your child’s eating habits change in a way that seems significant to you. For instance, s/he may begin to restrict food intake or change her diet entirely, may start skipping meals, or may begin to take meal replacement ‘shakes’ and skip meals. Or you may notice s/he now takes only half the portion s/he used to, for no good reason that you can see. Or you notice your child now cuts food up in small pieces and eats very slowly. These are just some examples.

If you feel worried about your child’s eating habits, be curious. Start a two-way conversation that lets her or him know that you have concerns, listen to what your child has to say, and see if there’s a way the two of you might work together to ensure a healthy diet while, still giving your child some autonomy over what they eat. If you continue to have concerns, seek out a professional and share your concerns.