Three ways you can support the Love Our Bodies campaign!

We’re in a contest through Westcoast Families to win a remarkable opportunity for marketing through their magazine!

First, if you haven’t voted, you can vote for us here.  Simply click on the Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness (PEDAW) campaign!  

Want to help #spreadtheword?  Here are three ways you can show your support:
1.  Post a Facebook status:

Have you voted for the BC Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness campaign? They are trying to win a charity ad contest and you can vote for them here:

Voting closes Dec. 15th.

2.  Include a link in your email signature:

Vote for the Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness (PEDAW) campaign in the WestCoast Families Charity Ad Contest 

Voting closes Dec. 15th.

3.  Twitter:

Click this link, and it will post a Twitter status about voting

And that’s it!  Simple, easy, and only takes a second to help make a difference!

With gratitude,

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