Top 10 Suggestions…

1)  I am only food. Thou shall not give me more time and attention than you give to your faith.

2)  Thou shall not count calories when you should be counting your blessings. 

3)  Thou shall not spend money on diet programs that could be spent to feed the starving. 

4)  Remember to honor thy body,with good food,exercise,and rest. 

5)  Thou shall not judge another’s virtue by their size

6)  Thou shall not believe that girth is a measure of worth. 

7)  Thou shall not envy the bodies of your neighbors. 

8)  Thou shall not binge or purge,or feel guilt for enjoying the blessings of good food. 

9) Thou shall not believe the false promises of diet books and fads and drugs. 

10)  Thou shall not honor your mirror more than your soul. 

~Katherine Derengowski

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