WINNERS of our Photography Contest!

We truly appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm to help us bring awareness of eating
disorders and imperfection.  This is such
an important topic and your active role and support helped start meaningful,
preventative, and engaging discussions around eating disorders, so for that,
“The photo is called ‘Never thin enough’ It is a photo graphix representation on how my partner wants to see herself although she is extremely thin she considers herself as fat. We have been together for 12 years now and I have been with her through four stays at hospital eating disorder clinic in house treatment where the young women stay at the hospitals three month program and cannot leave until the program has finished. Sadly she is still in the grip of this unrelenting condition although she is better than she used to be. I am hopeful that eventually she will beat this problem.” 
 “This is a picture of myself wearing the
Revolution shirt for your contest.  I am around the heaviest I have been
in my life but feel the happiest and most content with who I am and where I am


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