PEDAW Blog General Guidelines

Technical Details

  • 500 – 1,000 words in length; up to 5 minutes for a video blog
  • Original content (unpublished on any site)
  • No triggering content: eg. specific numbers, weights, behaviors, or glamorized suffering
  • Profanity: minimal use if any; please use stars ** to censor some of the letters of the word
  • If you intend on sharing your story, please share responsibly by following NEDA’s guidelines:
  • No advertising products or businesses


  • Editing is the responsibility of the submitting author.  Please ensure your blog is ready for publication.
  • At PEDAW’s discretion, blogs may be edited for minor grammatical/spelling errors
  • Triggering content, excessive profanity, or profanity that has not used stars ** to censor some of the letters of the word will be edited if it can be easily fixed.  If significant revision is needed, PEDAW will request a re-submission
  • Vlogs with triggering content will not be published; PEDAW will ask for a re-submission
  • If the entry upon re-submission still has a significant amount of triggering content, no further submission of that item can be made and it will not be published

Content Ideas

Body image, myth busting, how you practice self-care, your recovery story, how to prevent eating disorders, how to raise awareness, ways to reduce stigma, and anything else you can think of relating to eating disorders!


  • You may submit a maximum of 2 images for which you have the rights to display (i.e. you own the images or have the rights to display the image).  We unfortunately cannot include images that do not belong to you.
  •  Please submit photos with your blog and label images with your first initial and last initial with image number 1 and 2. eg. Jane Smith =  JS1.jpg  JS2.jpg

Requirement for Submission

By submitting, you are granting PEDAW permission to promote/display your blog/vlog/images across all current and future social media channels.


Ready to submit your blog/photos?

Step 1: Fill out your bio info on this form:

Step 2: Immediately email your blog/images to pedaw[at] Blogs not received within 2 days are at risk of not being reviewed for publication and/or published

Review Process

PEDAW will follow up with you once your blog has been reviewed.


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