Your worth can’t be measured by the numbers on the scale, the size of your clothes, or the reflection in the mirror. Love your body and love yourself.
Every. Single. Day.

Jessie’s Legacy provides education, resources and inspiration to prevent eating disorders and address disordered eating.

Created and operated by Family Services of the North Shore, this innovative program supports BC youth, families, educators and professionals through online resources, live events, social media, and the Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves movement.
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What is Body Neutrality?

When it comes to body image, or how you think and feel about your body, it can be easy to think about it in a black and white way: You either feel good or bad about your body. The truth is, you don’t need to feel confident in your body or positive about it all the time. Body acceptance exists on a spectrum. There is a middle ground between loving your body and being critical of it, and this is called body neutrality. Click the link below to read our full article!

Body Neutrality

Promoting Positive Body Image: A Resource for Educators

We at Jessie’s Legacy, in partnership with our colleagues at Vancouver Coastal Health, developed this guide to highlight quality, evidence-based resources and tools that teachers can access to help them promote positive body image in their students. This resource supports school staff and others with promoting positive body image and relationships with food for children and youth. Click the link to view and download!

Promoting Positive Body Image: A Resource for Educators

REGISTER NOW - Beyond Bodies: Diverse Experiences of Disordered Eating and Body Image

Jessie's Legacy Eating Disorders Education & Awareness Program and Family Services of the North Shore are pleased to present a province-wide, virtual event on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 from12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Open to all individuals, families, and professionals!

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Joanna answers your questions...

Question: As a parent, how involved should I be?

"Eating disorders are a family problem, and there is growing evidence to suggest that family involvement is crucial to recovery – for everyone. " ... Read More

Question: When should I be worried?

"If your child’s eating habits change in a way that seems significant to you. For instance, s/he may begin to restrict food intake or change her diet entirely, may start skipping meals, or may begin to take meal replacement ‘shakes’ and skip meals. Or you may notice s/he now takes only half the portion s/he used to, for no good reason that you can see. Or you notice your child now cuts food up in small pieces and eats very slowly. These are just some examples." ... Read More


March 10, 2022

New “Open hearts. Honest conversations.” Podcast Episode: Living with an Eating Disorder – A Hopeful Journey

In this informative episode, our host, Val, is joined by two guests, Vicky and Joanna. Vicky is a social justice practicum student working with Jessie’s Legacy, and generously shares her own lived experience with an eating disorder from which she is now in recovery. Joanna, clinical counsellor and manager of Jessie’s Legacy, has also been … Read More

February 24, 2022

I Choose Life

Dear ED, You say to strive for perfection, that being as small as possible is the ideal. You say I do not deserve the space that I hold, I do not deserve that meal. You said to follow society’s standards, ones that say what I wear and look like determine who I am as a … Read More

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