Your worth can’t be measured by the numbers on the scale, the size of your clothes, or the reflection in the mirror. Love your body and love yourself.
Every. Single. Day.

Jessie’s Legacy provides education, resources and inspiration to prevent eating disorders and address disordered eating.

Created and operated by Family Services of the North Shore, this innovative program supports BC youth, families, educators and professionals through online resources, live events, social media, and the Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves movement.
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Eating Disorders in Youth: A Free Webinar for Parents & Caregivers

Jessie's Legacy and BC Children's Kelty Centre held a free webinar for parents and caregivers of youth on July 27th. We covered topics such as signs and symptoms of EDs, practical strategies for a supportive environment, and tips on how to talk to your youth if you have concerns. The recorded video and slides will be available soon.

The Overlap Between Anxiety Disorders and Eating Disorders

Want to learn more about what eating disorders and anxiety disorders have in common? Read more about the differences and overlap, the common symptoms and risk factors, and download the handy infographic.

The Overlap Between Anxiety and Eating Disorders

Anonymous Eating Attitudes Screener

Take our short, anonymous eating attitudes screener to get a better idea of your relationship with eating and food.

Eating Attitudes Screening

Joanna answers your questions...

Question: My child seems to eat healthy food but s/he is losing weight. Should I be worried?

"It depends. Sometimes a change in diet, even to what seem to be healthy foods, can be an indicator of disordered eating, but it isn’t always. For instance, a child who suddenly declares s/he is Vegan could just be using that as an excuse to explain away what is really happening, which may be that she is engaging in unhealthy calorie restriction. With a closer look, you may notice that your child is restricting the healthy foods she eats and really not getting the well-rounded nutrients s/he needs for healthy body growth and maintenance." ... Read More

Question: Do eating disorders impact men and boys?

"Yes!  Eating disorders do not discriminate! They can impact females and males of any background, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. People anywhere from youth to seniors can have eating disorders. Like females, there is a distorted sense of body image. Some men and boys with an eating disorder want to lose weight, while others want to … Read More" ... Read More


July 28, 2021

Q&A Series: Lucia’s Journey From Overachieving to Acceptance

Lucia shares how her tendency to overachieve and the stigma attached to mental health issues led to secrecy and isolation during her eating disorder journey. Being put on a diet at an early age placed our guest author on a slippery slope of struggling with self-consciousness and buried emotions. Lucia stresses the importance of reaching … Read More

July 7, 2021

Q&A Series: Sarah-Kate’s Courageous Journey Confronting Eating Disorder Stereotypes

Sarah-Kate shares with us an insightful experience of how harmful stereotypes are when it comes to eating disorders. As someone in a bigger body, she explores and shares how the dismissal and invalidation of her experience hurt her mental and physical health during her journey. Q: Tell us about how your relationship with your body … Read More

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jessie’s story

This program is dedicated to Jessie Alexander, who inspires us to practice daily kindness – both to ourselves and to others. Known for her warm smile, easy laugh and unwavering compassion, this is her legacy of love.
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