Your worth can’t be measured by the numbers on the scale, the size of your clothes, or the reflection in the mirror. Love your body and love yourself.
Every. Single. Day.

Jessie’s Legacy provides education, resources and inspiration to prevent eating disorders and address disordered eating.

Created and operated by Family Services of the North Shore, this innovative program supports BC youth, families, educators and professionals through online resources, live events, social media, and the Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves movement.
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BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Impact Report

The BC Partners are seven non-profit agencies working to advance mental health and substance use (MHSU) literacy. Curious about our impact and reach? Read more in our current impact report!

New "Open hearts. Honest conversations." Podcast Out Now!

In this episode focused on lived experience, we touch on the common themes and characteristics of living with an eating disorder, including disconnection, isolation, and stigma through Vicky’s journey. This episode features clinical counsellor and Manager of Jessie's Legacy, Joanna, and our intern, Vicky, who has lived experience of an eating disorder. You’ll find us covering points such as how secrecy, loss, and shame can show up and impact the experience of living with an eating disorder, early warning signs, the timeline of potential points of intervention and the experience of different types of support for Vicky, and how she realized it was time to get help.

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Read Our Newest Blog Article: "I Choose Life" by Larissa Potma

In this inspiring piece, 18-year-old mental health advocate, Larissa, writes an open letter to her eating disorder. Honest, poetic, and inspiring, our newest blog post is a must-read!

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Joanna answers your questions...

Question: My child seems to eat healthy food but s/he is losing weight. Should I be worried?

"It depends. Sometimes a change in diet, even to what seem to be healthy foods, can be an indicator of disordered eating, but it isn’t always. For instance, a child who suddenly declares s/he is Vegan could just be using that as an excuse to explain away what is really happening, which may be that she is engaging in unhealthy calorie restriction. With a closer look, you may notice that your child is restricting the healthy foods she eats and really not getting the well-rounded nutrients s/he needs for healthy body growth and maintenance." ... Read More

Question: S/he has already been through treatment. What’s it going to take?

"It can be very difficult for families when a child goes through treatment and then re-engages in the eating disorder. This is a difficult disease and progress can be much slower than anyone, including the individual with the eating disorder, wants it to be. What it takes is continual patience, understanding and empathy, along with a good therapeutic approach that works for your child and your family. " ... Read More


March 10, 2022

New “Open hearts. Honest conversations.” Podcast Episode: Living with an Eating Disorder – A Hopeful Journey

In this informative episode, our host, Val, is joined by two guests, Vicky and Joanna. Vicky is a social justice practicum student working with Jessie’s Legacy, and generously shares her own lived experience with an eating disorder from which she is now in recovery. Joanna, clinical counsellor and manager of Jessie’s Legacy, has also been … Read More

February 24, 2022

I Choose Life

Dear ED, You say to strive for perfection, that being as small as possible is the ideal. You say I do not deserve the space that I hold, I do not deserve that meal. You said to follow society’s standards, ones that say what I wear and look like determine who I am as a … Read More

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This program is dedicated to Jessie Alexander, who inspires us to practice daily kindness – both to ourselves and to others. Known for her warm smile, easy laugh and unwavering compassion, this is her legacy of love.
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