Your worth can’t be measured by the numbers on the scale, the size of your clothes, or the reflection in the mirror. Love your body and love yourself.
Every. Single. Day.

Jessie’s Legacy provides education, resources and inspiration to prevent eating disorders and address disordered eating.

Created and operated by Family Services of the North Shore, this innovative program supports BC youth, families, educators and professionals through online resources, live events, social media, and the Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves movement.
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Eating Disorders in Youth: A Free Webinar for Parents & Caregivers

Jessie's Legacy and BC Children's Kelty Centre collaborated on a webinar for parents and caregivers concerned about their youth's eating habits and behaviors. We covered topics such as signs and symptoms of EDs, practical strategies for a supportive environment, and tips on how to talk to your youth if you have concerns. Click on the link to watch our recorded webinar and to view the slides!

Eating Disorders in Youth: A Webinar for Parents and Caregivers

Social Media and Body Image

What is the "highlight reel" effect and how does it impact us? Are filters more harmful than helpful when it comes to our self-esteem? Read on to learn about social media's effects on our self-image and how we can be more mindful and compassionate with ourselves about it.

Social Media and Body Image

CTV Morning Show: Eating Disorders and the Pandemic

Manager of Jessie's Legacy, Joanna Zelichowska, goes on CTV Morning Live with Jason Pires and Keri Adams to talk about how the pandemic has caused a spike in eating disorders and body image issues. How does pandemic uncertainty and anxiety contribute to this problem? Watch our video clip below to see the full interview!

Joanna answers your questions...

Question: What role does the media play in causing eating disorders?

"We are constantly bombarded with images from the media that show us a narrow picture of what it looks like to be cool, successful, and attractive. We are exposed to these messages more than ever before — through the Internet, TV advertisements, magazines, and social media. Models, actors, and celebrities are used to portray an … Read More" ... Read More

Question: Is my child’s eating disorder my fault?

"No. An eating disorder is not anyone’s fault. It’s important to remember that an eating disorder is a coping mechanism for your child to help create some control because s/he is feeling out of control. Do you need to be involved in your child’s recovery? Yes. Research increasingly points to family involvement in a child’s recovery as the single best predictor of a positive outcome. " ... Read More


August 25, 2021

Q&A: Battling My Eating Disorder As A Male Athlete

Our self-identified male guest author shares with us how his dedication to his sports performance began a dangerous journey of restriction and comparison. The pressure  from racing and cross-country running led our author to focus heavily on his diet, training, and his competition. Our guest author brings up an important point, noting the lack of … Read More

August 11, 2021

How Comparison and Trauma Shaped My Recovery Journey

I was seven when I first became aware of my physical being. I remember looking at my mom and twin sister while playing at the park and wanting to disappear because I thought life would be better without me in it. My seven-year-old brain felt panic for thinking that, so I ran to my mom … Read More

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This program is dedicated to Jessie Alexander, who inspires us to practice daily kindness – both to ourselves and to others. Known for her warm smile, easy laugh and unwavering compassion, this is her legacy of love.
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