Promoting Positive Body Image: A Resource for Educators

We at Jessie’s Legacy, in partnership with our colleagues at Vancouver Coastal Health, developed this guide to highlight quality, evidence-based resources and tools that teachers can access to help them promote positive body image in their students.

This resource supports school staff and others with promoting positive body image and relationships with food for children and youth. It also offers tips and resources to guide staff with addressing weight-based bullying and what to do if they are concerned about a student’s eating. This resource outlines the four pillars of comprehensive school health and how various components of healthy eating and body image align with a whole school approach to health. It also provides a list of trusted teaching tools and curricula that teachers can access, community partners to visit for additional resources and information, as well as links to helpful online videos.

View and download the resource below:

Promoting Positive Body Image Final Nov 14 2022 VCH JL