Jessie’s Story

jhopeJessie Alexander was a young, North Shore woman who took her own life after a long battle with disordered eating and depression. Jessie’s hope upon her own recovery was to help others and prevent the pain and anguish she experienced. Although Jessie did not live to see this happen, Family Services of the North Shore inspired by Jessie and the Alexander family has expanded the work of Jessie’s Hope Society to ensure that the provincial work in eating disorders prevention has become her legacy.

This program is dedicated to Jessie Alexander, who inspires us to practice daily kindness – both to ourselves and to others. Known for her warm smile, easy laugh and unwavering compassion, this is her legacy of love.

For us Jessie represents so many young women who quietly suffer from eating disorders. Through our awareness initiatives, we want to bring eating disorders out in the open to prevent other young women and men from going through what Jessie did.