Amy’s Body Image Tips! #7

is another helpful way to boost your body image!  I didn’t want to waste any of the good stuff on worthless me.  In my mind, I didn’t deserve it until I lost
weight. Once I got thinner, then I could pamper myself, wear great clothes
every day, buy my favorite lotion, engage in physical activities I really
enjoyed, show myself kindness and compassion.  
But I had to realize that life is too short and I deserve care and
compassion at any size, shape, or weight. 
And even more than that, if it makes you happy, do it, wear it, apply
Small gestures likes these, the ones
that you do for yourself, truly add up. They contribute to a positive body
image.  When you’re taking good care of yourself, you inevitably feel better.  It is never a waste to do something nice for
yourself!  Here are some examples to get you started…
~Putting on perfume everyday
~Taking a bath with the works: candles, lotion, music
~Buying a nice lotion or body wash
~Doing your nails
these things is more than just pampering or spoiling yourself. It’s honoring
yourself because YOU MATTER!!

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