Amy’s Body Image Tips! #9


A body image contract helps to define what positive body image
means to you.  Make one today to remind
yourself about your priorities!
  • I agree to nourish myself when I’m hungry.
  • I agree to acknowledge that building a positive body image is a
    process. There are good days and bad. But I won’t judge myself during the dark
  • I agree to surround myself with supportive and positive people.
  • I agree to remove anything from my home that doesn’t make me feel good,
    including certain magazines and diet books.
  • I agree to wear clothes that make me feel good.
  • I agree not to blame myself when something doesn’t fit. (I don’t need
    to fit the clothes, the clothes need to fit me.)
  • I agree to have more fun, whatever that means to me.
  • I agree to pamper myself once a week.
  • I agree to take the time to think about my boundaries.
  • I agree to avoid body bashing and dig deeper if I realize that I can’t
  • I agree to thank my body for all the amazing things it does for me.
  • I agree to remember that real women aren’t just curvy or thin or
    muscular. Real women come in all shapes and sizes.
  • I agree to pursue my passions or learn more about them.
  • I agree to take the
    focus away from weight when I work out and focus on how I feel.
  • I agree to turn
    to healthy coping strategies when I’m feeling anxious, overwhelmed or
  • I agree to reach out for help when I need it.
  • I agree to work toward accepting and loving myself, if I don’t just
  • I agree to see my body as a whole, rather than a collection of parts
    that need to be controlled.
  • I agree to trust my body.

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