Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit: If I had a Younger Sibling in Highschool

Check out the speech I did at the Balancing Our Minds 2014: Tools for Youth Wellness!  This was an event organized by BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services in partnership with the Vancouver Canucks. It was a free, one-day workshop for high school age youth in BC to learn about mental health and engage in fun activities and thoughtful dialogue.

Balancing Our Minds 2014: Tools for Youth Wellness will be hosted at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, and was attended by approximately 1,500 youth, teachers and parents from across the province!

Here is my presentation titled, “If I had a younger sibling in highschool….” which tells some of my personal struggle with an eating disorder, how I am today, and the things I would say if I had a younger sibling in highschool.


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