New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions
 It’s 2014!!  What a wonderful year to new beginnings,
fresh starts, and renewing your commitment to recovery!  This time invites us to think about the state
of our lives and how we’d prefer them to be. 
This can be a time for healthy reflection and rededication to our
priorities.  I think the best resolutions
you can choose are those that support your best way of living and add a healthy
energy to your life!  Remember,
resolutions are about developing yourself and nourishing your mind, heart and
body.  They are about helping you become
more sturdy, healthy, enriched and competent in this world.  They are about opening your mind and heart to
the beauty in people, the world, and to yourself.  Before you make your commitments, make sure
you run a clarity check on every resolution. 
Ask yourself: Is this resolution coming
from my eating disorder or is this resolution coming from the healthy space in
me that wants to thrive and prosper?
  This clarity
check can help you to have a truly happy New Year!  Here are some ideas:
*I will be kind to myself.  Talk to yourself as you would talk to your
best friend.
*I will dress with self-confidenceFocus
on how the clothes fit your body, not on how your body fits the clothes.
*I will keeping a journal of gratitude.  You might write, “Today, I’m thankful that
I had an awesome day with mom,” or, “I’m thankful that I kept a positive
attitude, even though it was a rough day.” You can elaborate as much or as
little as you want — but resolve to write every day or at least a few times a
*I will compliment myself at least once a day.  Consider keeping a journal of daily
compliments!  How great to read that by
the end of 2014!
 *I will make time to meditate each day.  Try starting with 5 minutes in the
morning, and 5 minutes at night.
*I will stop comparing myself to others.
 This is a good one – you have no idea
what their journey is about.
*I will smile and laugh more.  You have a beautiful smile, use it!
*I will protect myself from the diet industryIgnore it – this multi-billion dollar
industry is utterly toxic.
*I will to take up a new hobby.  Why not take a look at what your local
community center offers!
*I will acknowledge my successes — big and small.
 Celebrate even your small
*I will
ditch the scale.

it has its purpose, the scale takes on a life of its own, and often takes over
ours. Everyone’s weight has ups and downs. Don’t let the scale determine how
you feel about yourself, what kind of day it will be, or whether you can allow
yourself to do something you want to.
 *I will stop
obsessing about food.

you have no issues about food, eating, body image or weight. What would it be
like? Pick a day to act “as if” you have no issues about food or eating.
Experience it and know what it can be life.
 *I will
catch the negative body talk.
 It’s pervasive, and we are often unaware of
how frequently it occurs. You may choose to count how many times a day you
engage in negative body talk, or simply to label it and stop it. The point is
to not continue these statements that sabotage our self-esteem.
 *I will
affirm myself.

all the negative talk, thoughts and actions, the idea of affirming yourself
often gets lost. Think of things that are your strengths —what do you like
about yourself? If it’s too hard to look at physical characteristics, start
with something you like, such as the fact that you are loyal or a hard worker.
Eventually begin to add positive statements about your body as well.
 *I will
recognize and respond to my needs.
 Everyone has needs, and although many people
with eating disorders are excellent about taking care of others they neglect
themselves. Start by making a list to identify what your needs are. Be specific
and realistic. Begin to get these needs met.
 *I will make
mindfulness part of my life.
 Mindfulness involves deliberately paying
attention in a non-judgmental way. Mindfulness practices allow you to attend to
what is present for you emotionally and physically in each moment. Try using
mindfulness practices to decrease anxiety and to eat in a more aware,
deliberate way.
 *I will
write a love letter to myself once a month.
 Yes, I know it sounds silly, but it’s a
powerful experience! You are a gift, with wonderful things about yourself. Make
the love letters one you’ve always wanted to receive. Put the letter in an
envelope and mail it!

What will your resolution be for 2014?

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